Mutual has changed the form of personal lending. The new model, which can now receive investment by quotas, come to make your life easier and, as we always say, is another step towards promoting the financial revolution.

With more attractive interest rates, we democratize the credit market and improve the offer of financial services to all Brazilians.

Five advantages of applying for a personal loan with us

To help you get used to this news, I’ve listed here what changes when you apply for your loan on our app:

1) Agile loan release


With this new format, loans are released faster, and the borrower gets the amount requested within a few minutes, which is available in the Mutual wallet on the same day.

2) 100% loan repayment

2) 100% loan repayment

Quotas have changed the landscape for loan seekers. Almost 100% of our orders, at all risk levels, now have a positive return. It just got easier!

3) More attractive interest rates

3) More attractive interest rates

Mutual provides fair and personalized interest according to the profile of each loan seeker. Today, the average interest rate for personal loans in the domestic banking sector is around 6% per month, if we consider people who are rated as good payers. At Mutual, our interest rates start at 2.6% per month and the trend is decreasing more and more because, in this new modality, the risk for investors is also lower.

4) More credit limit

credit limit

With quotas, we have more large loans being made. This is because multiple investors can invest funds in a single order. In this new phase, we have people who have already obtained loans of up to 13,000 dollars.

5) Fight against monopoly and bank charges

The Brazilian banking spread is the second largest in the world, second only to Madagascar. Even in a period of interest reduction, banks continue to charge absurd fees. And that ends up with good payers being “punished” and having to pay fees generally applied to those who are unable to meet their commitments.

And it’s always worth remembering that there is a giant concentration in the Brazilian banking market: the top five Brazilian banks operate almost 80% of all available credit in the country.

With us, in addition to combating this distortion of the domestic market, you will also receive a personalized and fair interest rate, linked to your profile in the market.

You need more how many reasons to apply for your loan soon? If you have questions, just get in touch with us!