Today we will present the story of Mrs. Cole. One day Cole – it was 2017, she received an occupation carried out by Bailiff Robert Brooke. Please note that the case was in the Court in 2012, which our client knew nothing about, because a dishonest debt collection company – as is often the case – gave the court an outdated address.

But, of course, they have already given the bailiff their current correct address. The point was for the proceedings to pass without the defendant – double notification, replacement delivery and validation of the judgment. But for them the bailiff’s execution will take place quickly and effectively …

The reader should not have a problem with the proper assessment of this proceeding.


Within a few moments, the bailiff took her, among others bank account and savings. The amount is not small, because it was almost USD 10,000. Ms. Cole never received the Order for payment or the claim, she learned about the case after logging into the bank’s account and lack of funds.

Mrs. Cole – without consulting lawyers, tried to get along with the creditor – the company GFI. This shows how “magical” the offers of debt collection companies like “get along” are. It is not worth believing in the cancellation of interest, part of “debt” etc. and we have it in writing.

Mrs. Cole turned to us for help. We helped. The court granted our letters and applications. And so, seven years later, after the unlucky year 2012, Cole has a real chance of defending her rights. Can you? You !!

The GFI company was not satisfied, neither was the Bailiff, who was notified that the execution must be completed.

Debt Collection Company


The Debt Collection Company did not even try to fight. They just gave up. They did not complete the claim after submitting it to the Białystok District Court.

The legal representative of Mrs. Cole asked for a refund of all funds collected by the bailiff from 2015 to 2019 and …… the debt collection company GFI not only gives up but also gives what it takes.

Refund of all funds collected

Mrs. Cole had been struggling with the GFI company and the Bailiff for years, she was harassed. She turned to Albertine in February 2019, the case was completed in September – less than seven months.

Of course, the efficiency of the proceedings is due to the quick response of the Court. Here, we must admit that we are very positively finished in the pace of work on this matter.

If all cases were handled so efficiently by the Courts in Poland, proceeding with our help would last a week, unfortunately the reality is what it is but we are trying to fix it.