Sports lovers know how important a sport is to practice with constancy and passion. The bank can also play its part, especially if it is the Adventure bank that introduced the Bank Sports Loan.

But, what’s it about?

But, what

The Bank Sports Loan consists of a financial product designed to finance in an accessible way the expenses to be able to access sports, and to buy the tools necessary to play sports, by all the people who think that sports activity is really important for your life. Not only amateur and professional sportsmen, but also families and young people: everyone can access the loan dedicated to sporting activity loan at the bank.

The purpose of Bank Sports Loan is to make sport accessible to all people who love it but cannot afford it. Sport is really important, so if you are in difficulty or you have to face quite demanding expenses for the activity, Bank Sports Loan is definitely the ideal solution. It is a loan of up to 3 thousand USD, therefore small amounts, which can be repaid by means of an advantageous fixed rate, with a 3.97% APR.

In addition, the loan is accessible because there are no preliminary costs of any kind, and the Bank Sports Loan is repayable in a maximum period of twelve months.

Sport loan fixed rate

Sport loan fixed rate

So here is a fixed rate personal loan to enjoy your favorite sport in the greatest possible tranquility, to buy the necessary equipment, participate in courses, or enroll in the gym.

Thanks to Bank Sports Loan you can get advantages such as:

  • the fixed rate throughout the course of the loan
  • the installment extremely sustainable for all needs and recreated to measure of one’s own possibilities
  • a bank made up of qualified staff to advise you best.

The minimum amount that can be financed with the Bank Sports Loan is 500 USD and the maximum amount is 3 thousand USD. The repayment takes place in a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 12 months, the installments are fixed until the repayment plan expires.

The TAN is 3.90% and the 3.97% APR with zero preliminary fees. Simple, quick, fast and dedicated to all people who think that sport is a great value for their life, Bank Sports Loan is a dedicated loan that will help people not to extinguish the passion for their favorite sport.